Wondering how to clean your Heat Seal food packaging machine? Here are 5 tips drawn from ALFA’s 77 years of experience to maintain your Heat Seal food wrapper.. Heat Seal’s food wrapping machines have set the industry standard for 65+ years.We believe in the quality of the product, which is why ALFA International Dealers have… Read more »

How do I clean my stainless steel commercial kitchen equipment? In ALFA’s 77 years we’ve been asked this thousands of times. Here’s Part 2 of our answer.. Yesterday, ALFA tackled the question, What Makes Stainless Steel Food Service Equipment, Stainless? Now that you understand stainless steel a bit more, you’re probably looking at that pile of stainless dirty… Read more »

How do I clean my stainless steel commercial kitchen equipment? In ALFA’s 77 years we’ve been asked this thousands of times. Here’s our answer.. Part 1: What makes stainless steel, “stainless”? Can stainless rust? We hear these questions frequently. Too often restaurant equipment care guides aren’t complete when it comes to cleaning instructions. As a result, you could… Read more »

Shopping for a commercial electric cheese grater? You have options. MANY OPTIONS! Here are a few tips we’ve learned at ALFA–over 77 years–that you should know. After importing commercial food prep equipment for three generations we believe that best commercial electric cheese graters are still made in Italy, where freshly grated cheese is a key part of the food culture. If you’ve… Read more »

We’re excited to say that the ALFA team is attending the National Restaurant Association Show (NRA) in Chicago May 17-19th. We’ve been walking NRA for years. The reason is simple: change. Why you should go to NRA (& why ALFA does) We’ve learned a lot over the past 77 years, but the one thing that we’ve… Read more »

We’re excited to announce that ALFA will be exhibiting at the Food Marketing Institute Connect show in Chicago June 9-11, 2015.  Visit us at booth# 2617, right next to Hershey Chocolate’s booth and satisfy your sweet tooth! Click here to add ALFA to your FMI agenda: In addition to enabling our 3,000+ dealer network to serve… Read more »

Armonk, NY – April 9 , 2015: ALFA International, a leading importer and master distributor of food preparation equipment, accessories, and parts, recently released its 2015 Catalog & Price List. The catalog and price list will be available for download (PDF format) and in print. The 153-page, full-color glossy catalog showcases 3,000+ unique products and is… Read more »

To all of our loyal ALFA International dealers, technicians, and chains– and those customers yet to be discovered–ALFA International will be unveiling our NEW 2015 Catalog & Price List in early April. The new catalog will feature over 250+ New Items, 300+ items with lower prices and over 800+ items without price increases! If you haven’t… Read more »

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In my four years as National Sales Manager here at ALFA International, the one area where I’m constantly seeing growth potential in our industry is with chain Supermarkets.  However most Dealers that I’ve spoken to seem to be turned off from selling/servicing them.  However when you look at ALFA’s product line and the opportunities in… Read more »

In a recent article found in the August 2014 issue of ‘Foodservice Equipment Reports’, ALFA’s hearing about the “In’s & Outs” on Walk-In Coolers. Check it the article here…Walk-In’ the Talk!

With the high cost of replacement parts for some foodservice equipment, it is no wonder that users are looking at generic parts as alternatives. This search usually starts with these frequently asked questions about generic parts: “will they fit my machine?”; “will they last as long as the OEM parts?”; “will they void my factory… Read more »

Installing a new commercial mixer bowl? New dough hook, beater paddle, or whip agitator won’t fit? Adjust your mixer bowl/agitator clearance! ALFA International tells you how. Due to small variations in bowls and agitators, ALFA International RECOMMENDS that the agitator clearance be adjusted with every mixer bowl or mixer agitator change. This will ensure that… Read more »

  Wondering how to increase your commercial mixer’s life? ALFA, your #1 source for Hobart NSF replacement bowls, agitators & parts for 77+ years, has 7 tips for you… The Case for Mixer Maintenance Commercial mixer maintenance is easier than many people think. After all, dough mixing machines are fairly simple machines with few parts. Add to… Read more »

VS/GS Attachments: HAND WASH ONLY, do NOT clean in the dishwasher. Commercial detergents and solvents may discolor the products anodized aluminum and will VOID the product warranty. For best performance, lubricate frequently after cleaning with USDA approved grease or oil noted on Page 117. These attachments should only be utilized under the following operating conditions:… Read more »