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How to Buy Planetary Mixer ALFA International

Need to buy a new planetary mixer? Wondering how to select a dough mixer? To help you avoid a costly mistake, ALFA has some tips we’ve learned over 77 years.

Why choosing the right mixer (or other food service equipment) matters

Lost time, money, downtime,unhappy customers, lost business..and the list of headaches goes on. We’ve all been there–whether it’s with an existing piece of equipment that need repair–or in selecting the right replacement. Whether its a commercial oven, fryer, meat grinder or planetary mixer, there are many, many aspects to consider before jumping into new equipment purchase. Let’s face it ┬áthe investment is substantial. Worst case, if you don’t’ like it, you may be stuck with it (and have a thinner wallet aftwards)!

With so many commercial mixers on the market, how do I choose the right one?


#1 Know which mixers work best for the type of job(s) you have planned.

#2 Ask yourself which mixer brand can you trust?

You can go with the name brand you know best but to quote our friend Bob Dylan, ” oh the times they are a changing”. What once was the “best” isn’t necessarily still the best for your needs.The fact is that most mixers aren’t made to be bulletproof any longer. Instead, people are repairing their “tried and true”, Hobart “Classic” mixers, and calling ALFA International Dealers for replacement parts.

#3 What about  some of the new brands on the block?

There are certainly many to choose from. Lots of the new entrants on the commercial mixer scene may look great on the outside,but how good are the components? Some of ALFA’s most respected service technicians–folks we’ve worked with for 30-40 years have lovingly referred to some new commercial mixers (we won’t name names) as “disposable mixers.” BEWARE: If you’re considering a sub- $1000 20 quart mixer..they come with a 90 day warranty for a reason.

#4 Budget matters,but don’t ignore quality.

If this planetary mixer is going to be the backbone of your bakery, pizzeria, or restaurant operation you are sunk without it. That mixer may be more expensive,but if helps you avoid lost business,you’ll be glad you bought quality.