ALFA 1306-12 Roast Beef & Poultry Trussing Needle

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The ALFA 1306-12 Roast Beef Tier & Poultry Trussing Needle is a high quality tool for butchers and home chefs alike.This best-selling ALFA tool is used to tie a roast beef or poultry (chicken, turkey,etc) using cotton butcher’s twine. This ensures an aesthetically pleasing round-shaped roast beef presentation, and holds the stuffing inside the Roast Beef, Turkey or Chicken.

Also used by fishermen up and down the east coast as a lobster bait stringer, the ALFA 1306-12 features a 12″ long solid stainless steel shaft with an “easy thread eye/hole (1/4″x 1/8”) for fuss free threading. The Sharp tip of the needle speeds up the tying process and preserves the appearance of the finished product. The handle of the ALFA 1306-12 features a round shaped, molded plastic non-slip finish for safety and sanitation, and a one flat side to prevent rolling off the meat processing table, counter, or boat.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 2 x 2 in


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