ALFA VS-99H Housing For GS-12 & VS-12 Grater Shredder

List: $418.00
Retail: $376.20



Product Description

ALFA’s VS-99 Housing is the starting base for your GS-12 Grater/Shredder or VS-12 Vegetable Slicer power attachment. Once placed onto the housing, the VS-99H is used on the power hub of mixers, choppers and power drives. When used with our VS-99D Door and VS-99P Pusher Plate, the user would Just add an ALFA VS-12DH Disk Holder or VS-12KDS Slicer Knife Assembly and you have the #1 aftermarket version of Hobart’s VS9. Unit is made of heavy-gauge polished aluminum and can be used to replace #12 Hobart VS9 power attachments. Easy to disassemble and clean. 6 month warranty. Hand wash, do not place in dishwasher as this can/will sieze the unit and void warranty!

Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 15 x 13 in