VacMaster PRO380 VACUUM SEALER (876380)

List: $945.00
Retail: $567.00

Product Description

The VacMaster PRO380 is equipped with the industry’s first extended 16” seal bar which allows for sealing of wider bags as well as the ability to seal two bags at once. Vacuum package more with this unit, from pre-made meals to fish and game, the PRO380 features a powerful dual piston pump and cooling fan that will keep your product fresh and away from spoilage for months. Ideal for heavy home use, recreational hunters and fishermen will feel right at home using the PRO380. This unit is also well suited for sous vide cooking.

Features an easy to use control panel with pre-set vacuum settings for simple operation. You’ll be able to instantly marinate meats and fish with the marinating function. Also seal delicate items like baked goods with the pulse button or use accessory port to package snacks in VacMaster storage containers. Includes storage for rolls up to 50 feet long along with a handy cutter. The transparent lid makes it easy to properly match the bags to the seal bar.

*16 Inch wide seal bar with 5mm wire
*Stainless steel exterior
*Roll storage and cutter – store rolls up to 50 feet.
*Easy-to-use control panel
*Powerful dual piston pump
*Built-in cooling fan
*Accessory port
*Transparent lid
Weight: 23 Pounds
Includes: (1) 11” x 50’ roll, (6) quart size bags, accessory hose and manual

Additional information

Weight 23 lbs
Dimensions 19 x 14 x 6.5 in