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In my four years as National Sales Manager here at ALFA International, the one area where I’m constantly seeing growth potential in our industry is with chain Supermarkets.  However most Dealers that I’ve spoken to seem to be turned off from selling/servicing them.  However when you look at ALFA’s product line and the opportunities in each department at your local supermarket, its easy to see!  Here are a areas that would benefit from the product ALFA offers:

Meat Department

  • #32 Grinder / Chopper Plates (with Hub) & Knives are typically replaced/resharpened every two months
  • Band Saw blades tend to be removed & cleaned every night so can be replaced by in house staff
  • Meat Tenderizers have parts & blades that need to be replaced often
  • Hand Meat Saws are used for cutting Aged Beef seen in stores like Whole Foods, Stew Leonards and DeCicco’s just to name a few
  • Safety Gloves are available in Chain Mesh or Fabric material and are used in both Deli & Meat Department
  • Beef Tiers, Bone Dust Scrapers and Mallets are other everyday items needed

Deli Department

  • Deli Slicer Blades & Parts are most definitely handled by an outside service company or with larger chains, their own in-house maintenance team
  • Cheese Cutters and Hard Cheese Graters are used in Deli, Specialty & Gourmet Departments.  Cheese Wires are a HUGE seller, replaced often
  • Heat Seal Wrappers are used in almost EVERY supermarket department to wrap food product.

Bakery Department

  • Commercial Planetary Mixers are the heart of the bakery department
  • Mixer Bowls, Whips, Dough Hooks, Beater Paddles & Parts are often needed
  • Bread Slicer Blades & Parts are essential daily use items
  • Portion Control Scales for proper measuring of receipts
  • Commercial Manual Can Openers & Lid Removing Tools

So my advice to foodservice dealers & service companies?  Get into those Supermarkets as there’s alot of need for ALFA product!